The Projects


Switzerland: Group Therapy for Survivors of Torture and War

The Context
Over the past few decades, Switzerland has become home to a large Balkan, Asian and African population. Many of them originally came seeking protection.


Italy: Psychosocial Support for Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

The Context

Over the last 10 years more than 6,000 people have died or disappeared trying to reach Italy by crossing the Strait of Sicily.


Romania: Ensuring Children’s Access to Protection and Education

“Through this project children are encouraged to better collaborate with peers, to grow and develop, to learn new and useful things”


Rwanda: Setting Personal Resources in Motion

“The main goal is to help families identify their vulnerabilities and build upon their competences and capacities. It is very important to not substitute a person in its role, but to help them improve so they are able to face their problems by themselves.”


Romania: Educational Support Center in Glina

“A child who does not benefit from formal education has no hope for a better life, he is condemned from childhood to a life of poverty and marginalization by those who should be protecting him…

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Burundi: A Center to Help Families Rebuild Their Future

“I’ve worked for AVSI since 2004 and, in my experience with the children from the MEO Lino Lava Center, I’ve been able to understand that education is the introduction to a total reality

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Geneva: Hameau des Chemineaux – A Holiday Village for the Homeless

“To look presentable for a work interview the bare minimum, like a roof over your head and a bathroom to wash and groom yourself, is indispensable.”

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