The Projects


Uganda: Healing Emotional Wounds

“We are returning people to productive lives… Men, women and children…People we thought were lost forever.”


Togo: Setting up Community Mental Health Care

The Context

Located in West Africa, between Ghana and Benin, Togo is ranked at number 159 of 185 countries in the 2012 Human Development Index (HDI).


Rwanda: Setting Personal Resources in Motion

“The main goal is to help families identify their vulnerabilities and build upon their competences and capacities. It is very important to not substitute a person in its role, but to help them improve so they are able to face their problems by themselves.”


Burundi: A Center to Help Families Rebuild Their Future

“I’ve worked for AVSI since 2004 and, in my experience with the children from the MEO Lino Lava Center, I’ve been able to understand that education is the introduction to a total reality

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