Recovery - Determining factors in mental health (Rome)

Over the last three years we have worked with our partner Fondazione di Liegro (FdL) promoting community support services for the well-being of people with mental illnesses in Rome, Italy.

Shifting to community-based mental health and psychosocial services in Uganda

Just before Christmas went to visit our partner PACF in Uganda. Upon our arrival, Dorothy, Ray, Wietse, Bree and Liz, all members of the PCAF team, gave us all a very warm welcome. Fondation d'Harcourt has been collaborating with PCAF for two years to provide high quality mental health care and services to victims of traumatic events. One of the project's main activities has been to lead community outreach programs to remote areas within four districts of Northern Uganda.

Seeds for sustainability in Togo

Last week we paid a visit to our partner Aide Katihoé Togo (ATK) in Lomé, a city that only last year saw the improvement of many infrastructures with a new airport, roads and hotels built for an extraordinary summit of the African Union on maritime security and safety. It was the first time such an event was held in Togo. Our visit

Mental Health Gap Action Program Forum

The WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) Forum, "Moving forward with the Global Mental Health Agenda", took place on October 10 and 11 in Geneva. Fondation d’Harcourt attended this two-day workshop, which was


Fundatia Inocenti: Alexandra overcomes her fears

Alexandra* is 12 years old and lives with her father, her paternal grandmother and her seven-year-old brother in Glina, Romania. Her parents are separated and her mother, although living in the same village, has no relationship with them. This unfortunate situation greatly affects the children emotionally and worsens the father's burdens.

Psychological First Aid in Augusta

Every 10th of October the World Health Organization celebrates World Mental Health Day in order to raise awareness on mental health issues around the world and mobilize initiatives in support of mental health. This particular day allows us, as a foundation, to recognize the importance of our efforts to improve the conditions of people suffering from mental illnesses.