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Psychological First Aid in Augusta

13 October 2016

Every 10th of October the World Health Organization celebrates World Mental Health Day in order to raise awareness on mental health issues around the world and mobilize initiatives in support of mental health. This particular day allows us, as a foundation, to recognize the importance of our efforts to improve the conditions of people suffering from mental illnesses. … read more

Geneva: Fostering positive social relationships

26 August 2016

This summer we visited our partner in Geneva, Carrefour-Rue, who supports the Hameau des Chemineaux “holiday village”. … read more

Rwanda: Strengthening resilience for the future

13 July 2016

“Our main goal is to help families identify their vulnerabilities and build upon their competences and capacities. It is very important to not substitute a person in their role, but to help them improve so that they are able to face their problems by themselves.”

… read more

Rome: Peer education on mental health

08 June 2016

Following our trip to Sicily a couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Fondazione di Liegro (FdL), our partner in Rome. FdL’s objective is to build a volunteer and family network for mental health in the Italian capital in order to provide support and improve the lives of the mentally ill. … read more

TdH: Sowing good in Sicily

02 June 2016

According to UNHCR, approximately 22,372 migrants have arrived in Sicily by boat since the beginning of 2016. It is estimated that 14% of them are unaccompanied minors. … read more

I had a black dog, his name was depression

09 May 2016

Nearly 10% of the world’s population is affected by anxiety and/or depression. Depression can affect people of all ages and is the leading cause of disability in the world. … read more

Out of the Shadows: Making Mental Health a Development Priority

28 April 2016

Washington DC, USA
13-14th of April

Earlier this month we attended a two-day event on mental health hosted by the World Bank and World Health Organization. For the first time finance ministers, international and intergovernmental agencies, the business community, civil society and technology innovators gathered with the aim of moving mental health into the mainstream of the global development agenda … read more