Would you like to become a partner?


Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, Foundation d’Harcourt has decided not to open the 2021 call for proposals. We will continue to support our current partners and we recently offered COVID-19 Emergency Funding for projects implemented in Italy and/or Switzerland, two of the most affected countries.

The submission period for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund has been closed. 

Fondation d’Harcourt fulfills its mission primarily by promoting partnerships. Partners include organizations, foundations, and universities that are chosen through a selection process. The chosen organizations receive a grant to implement a specific project.

The duration of Fondation d’Harcourt’s support is 1 to 3 years. Fondation d’Harcourt favors programs that promote a sustainable impact. Priority will be given to projects in countries/areas where we are currently operating and to programs that have constructed a system for monitoring and evaluation.



  • The organization must be a legally recognized entity or be in the process of becoming legally registered. Registration must be completed before any funding is provided.
  • The organization must have adequate functional management. This includes having experience and capability, as well as procedures to use and account for Fondation d’Harcourt’s funds.

Fondation d’Harcourt funds projects focusing on mental health, more specifically:

  • Projects that facilitate access to psychiatric health care
  • Projects that help with the rehabilitation of people suffering from mental illnesses
  • Projects that focus on the prevention of mental health issues through psychosocial support to vulnerable groups that are more at risk of developing a psychiatric disease

Fondation d’Harcourt does NOT fund:

  • Projects focusing on neurological diseases or learning disabilities
  • Projects in areas of on-going conflicts or in extremely volatile contexts
  • Individual requests for scholarships, festivals or private events
  • Building restoration, renovation or construction



The project submission and selection process is divided into two phases: a concept note and the Full Grant Application.



Concept notes are reviewed by Fondation d’Harcourt according to the relevance of the project to its own mission and strategy.

Concept notes must be no longer than five pages and can be completed in either English or French.

Please note that each organization can submit a maximum of three concept notes.

Download concept note template

Once filled out, concept notes must be submitted by email to info@fondationdharcourt.org no later than September 1st 2019.

Evaluation of the concept note

During the selection process you might be contacted to provide further information. If your concept note is pre-selected you will be notified by email within 6 weeks. You will then pass onto the second phase of the selection process.

Please note that a favorable response at this stage is not a commitment by Fondation d’Harcourt to fund the project.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of concept notes that we receive, we will only be able to contact those applicants whose concept notes have been accepted.



If your concept note has been approved you will be asked to submit a Full Grant Application Form that will be sent to you and developed in collaboration with Fondation d’Harcourt.