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Generating Partnerships

Partnerships are about getting different resources together for a shared goal.

The partnerships we, and most private foundations, look for are not asymmetrical relationships in which the foundation provides the economic resources and other stakeholders take care of the rest.

The private philanthropist of today is not interested in charity. We do not have a welfare mentality.  Above all, we do not want to be approached as an automated teller machine.

We ask to take part in the processes.

We are investors.

Direct involvement is a way for private foundations to provide leverage and put all the available potentials on the table.

This type of relationship provides an opportunity for a learning exchange and for non-monetary resources, such as skills, knowledge and connections, to circulate.

In most cases, foundations such as ours are made up of people who are not only pragmatic, but truly passionate about the causes they support.

We are people that want to make sure that the funding we provide is making a difference and reaching the persons in need.

Measurable results are important because they provide evidence of how people are being helped: how the human capital is being strengthened, and how potentials are being unlocked and can flourish in those receiving the aid.

Indeed, we need to be accurate.  Accurate in the procedures and indicators chosen to evaluate results.

We are conscious, however, that measuring positive results when investing in development is not as obvious as it is in the financial world.

How to quantify the impact of the human factor?

We believe this can be achieved, first and foremost, by sharing experiences. Experiences are both qualitative and quantitative.

Impact can be assessed qualitatively by systematically gathering information and knowledge.  In this way, experiences can be analyzed and shared.

For this purpose, investing in building empathy and trust is fundamental in our partnerships.  We are ready to work side by side, from the embryonic stages of a project to outlining indicators for evaluating results.


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