The Program

  • Program And Strategy
    Our program targets topics that are severely neglected worldwide.
  • Promoting Mental Health
    The provision of mental health services and the promotion of mental health are among our areas of intervention.

Addressing People’s Well-being and Dignity

We have learnt that visible challenges are always accompanied by psychological and social needs. These needs, not being necessarily linked to physical survival, are considered a luxury when regarding the poorest regions of the world. In reality, however, they are crucial to human well-being and dignity, regardless of the socio-economic conditions a person finds themselves in.

Suitable investment is required to meet these needs. Without it, vulnerable persons are not even able to take advantage of the assistance, material or financial, they receive; nor can they put their personal human capital in motion.

In order to include this in our range of action, we redefined our mission in 2008. Today, the Foundation promotes capacity building, service delivery and advocacy initiatives, mainly in the fields of psycho-social support and mental health.


Click here to watch a clip of Fabio Montauti d’Harcourt’s speech
at the meeting “Healing the War 2007” in Geneva, Switzerland.